About the course

Key features

  • Course delivery: one day in-house classroom workshop
  • Availability: currently only available in the UK and Ireland - contact us to discuss your requirements for training in other countries

Who it’s aimed at

This masterclass session is for Occupational Test User: Personality (formerly Level B) qualified practitioners who provide team development support in their organisations or on a consulting basis.

Why attend

  • You will learn how to practically apply information from the various Dimensions reports to support team-building and development in your/your clients’ organisation.
  • This multi-purpose personality assessment system demonstrates a greater return on investment (ROI) to stakeholders than traditional approaches.

What's covered

  • The session focuses on the Team, Composite Team and Type profiles from Dimensions.
  • The Dimensions Team Profile illustrates an individual’s preferences when working in a team. Multiple profiles can be combined together into a composite report, providing contrasting views of the team’s combined approach to cooperative work. Together, these represent an invaluable tool for team-building interventions.
  • A series of interactive exercises will cover:
    • Team role preferences and dynamics.
    • Profile interpretation.
    • Individual and Composite Profile feedback.
    • Identifying and addressing team conflict.
    • Team-building and development strategies.
    • Delegates will learn how to integrate the team outputs into their one-to-one feedback and development activity. They will also be given a set of exercises for use with their own teams, helping to ensure the transfer of skills back to their own workplace.
    • Engaging role-plays and interpretative exercises will mean that delegates will gain hands-on experience in the use of various profiles and learn how to use Korn Ferry Assessment Systems to manage the entire assessment process.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Know how to apply the Dimensions Behavioural Type at Work profile to team development contexts.
  • Know how to build a 'Team Type' summary for additional exploration of team dynamics.
  • Be able to interpret and provide feedback on the Team and Composite Team outputs.
  • Know how to facilitate team-building session using Dimensions.

Pricing and booking


The following pricing table relates to delivery of the Dimensions and Team Development masterclass in the UK and Ireland. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for training in other countries.

Course deliveryGBP £EUR €
In-house course (1-6 delegates) 2,000 2,400
In-house course (7-9 delegates) 2,500 3,000
In-house course (10-12 delegates) 3,000 3,600


If you are interested in running this course for your company, please see contact us.