360-degree feedback remains a popular talent management tool for facilitating insight and development at both the individual and team level of inquiry. Despite its popularity, organisations often deviate from best practice in the way it is implemented, failing to deliver the full value and insight this process can bring.

Key features

  • Course delivery: one day in-house classroom workshop
  • Availability: currently only available in the UK and Ireland - contact us to discuss your requirements for training in other countries

About the course

Who it’s aimed at

This masterclass is aimed at HR practitioners interested in implementing best practice 360-degree feedback in their organisations.

Why attend

  • Optimise the quality of your 360-degree feedback process by learning how to effectively manage, interpret the results and implement targeted development activity.

What's covered

Delegates will cover both theory and practice, understanding all the important components of such projects from communications through to feedback. Through the use of practical exercises, delegates will gain insight and expertise enabling them to practice newly acquired skills in a supportive environment.

Delegates will also learn how to use MultiView, our flexible and user-friendly online 360-degree feedback assessment.

The day will focus on:

  • The nature of 360-degree feedback
  • Best practice in the use and application of 360-degree feedback
  • Managing the communication process
  • Stakeholder management
  • Managing a MultiView project
  • Interpreting and feedback of MultiView reports
  • Addressing common challenges

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Have an understanding of the nature and utility of 360-degree feedback in organisations.
  • Be able to identify and implement best practice in 360-degree feedback project administration.
  • Know how to use our MultiView system to easily manage 360-degree projects.
  • Know how to interpret and provide feedback using MultiView reports.
  • Know to how to link the outputs from a 360-degree feedback exercise to wider development initiatives.

Pricing and booking


The following pricing table relates to delivery of the 360-degree Feedback masterclass in the UK and Ireland. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for training in other countries.

Course deliveryGBP £EUR €
In-house course (1-6 delegates) 2,000 2,400
In-house course (7-9 delegates) 2,500 3,000
In-house course (10-12 delegates) 3,000 3,600


If you are interested in running this course for your company, please see contact us.