The great challenge for volume recruiters is finding needles in the haystack. The right people will be in your applicant pool but you can easily miss them because there are so many unsuitable candidates obscuring your view.

What challenges do you face?

  • Handling large volumes of applications – inefficient and inconsistent processes can result in missing out on talented applicants and an inconsistent level of quality in your employee base.
  • Identifying the right people for the job – if new employees are not suited to the required tasks, they have little chance of success.
  • Delivering a positive candidate experience – a poor recruitment experience can lead to the alienation of applicants and loss of lifelong customers.
  • Managing job expectations – if the job is not what is expected, employees will leave.
  • Reducing staff turnover – high staff turnover not only costs money but is also bad for staff morale, lowers productivity and customer service.

How we can help

We have a range of innovative solutions specifically designed to support high volume recruitment.

Behind-the-scenes look at the role and organisation

Using Realistic Preview, we can work with you to design a realistic job preview (RJP) – a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to work at a company. Realistic job previews provide applicants with an indication of their likely fit with the organisation and the role before the start of the recruitment process. They are designed to give applicants a positive and engaging experience, irrespective of whether they decide to proceed with their application. This helps reinforce the organisation's brand and reduces the number of unsuitable applicants, whilst at the same time allows organisations to portray a realistic picture of the job. 

Fast, efficient screening

Aspects is a portfolio of innovative assessments specifically designed to enable flexible, quick, cost-effective and objective assessment of applicants during high volume recruitment situations. It comprises the following modules:

  • Aspects Ability: an innovative range of online adaptive ability tests measuring verbal, numerical and checking skills, designed specifically for use in the early stages of the hiring process for frontline customer service, sales and support roles. Designed with a contemporary feel and highly face valid candidate experience, the tests bring a unique proposition to the market as they adapt to the candidate’s performance in real time, delivering a fast but rigorous assessment experience.
  • Aspects Styles: an online, competency based screening questionnaire which, when used in the early stages of recruitment, quickly identifies unsuitable applicants, allowing only those who more closely match the requirements of the role to proceed. We work with you to identify those competencies which are most critical to the role and tailor the questionnaire accordingly. Aspect Styles allows organisations to measure the key requirements of the job early on this hiring process, increasing the quality and speed of decision-making.
  • Aspects Judgement: we can work with you to design and deliver situational judgement tests (SJTs) that are customised to reflect the specific scenarios faced, and competencies required, within your role(s) and organisation.

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Our situational judgement tests (SJTs) combine scientific rigour and state-of-the art technology to assess competencies in a series of real-life scenarios

Realistic Preview

We can work with you to design a realistic job preview, giving a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to work at your company

Customised assessment

Our assessments are renowned for their flexibility, accessibility and contemporary look and feel – customisation allows us to truly make them your own

People Analytics

Our People Analytics services leverage your employee data to help you make more informed people-based decisions and deliver evidence-based insights

Test User Training

Our Talent Q Test User Training course provides you with the knowledge to use, apply and interpret ability tests and personality questionnaires, specifically Talent Q assessments

Certified Training

Our Certified Training course provides you with the knowledge to use, apply and interpret Talent Q’s full suite of psychometric assessments