What are the challenges to effective teamworking?

  • Advances in technology and the fast pace of change have driven employers to place a growing emphasis on versatility, leading to the need for more effective teamworking at all levels.
  • Recent years have seen the replacement of traditional hierarchical forms with flatter organisational structures, comprising of larger teams in which employees are expected to fill a variety of roles.
  • Cross-functional, short-term project teams have become commonplace in order to address short and long-term business opportunities.
  • The modern business environment often means teams are working in different locations, time zones and languages.

How we can help

Identify team members’ preferred team roles

Team profile Team Profile - click to enlarge

Using the Team Profile from our Dimensions online personality questionnaire, you can derive your team members’ preferred team roles. The Team Profile report indicates an individual’s strength of behaviour for operating in each of eight roles within a team, essentially the key areas of activity undertaken within a team to achieve the overall goal. This information can then be combined with the profiles of up to 11 other team members to create a Composite Team Profile, which can be used to:

  • Facilitate team-building.
  • Identify potential interpersonal issues in new teams.
  • Consider 'What if?' team scenarios.
  • Ensure that the team is functional and operational.

Team development

We can assist you in developing new or existing teams through the use of objective assessment and team facilitation sessions. These sessions can help address a host of organisational challenges, including change and restructure, team formation and team performance.

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