What are the challenges to effective succession planning?

  • Identifying the abilities, behaviours and motivations which are key to success.
  • Accurately identifying individuals who have the potential for future roles, and assessing their readiness to 'step-up'.
  • Ensuring objectivity in the process.
  • Retention of high potential employees.
  • Engagement of talent.
  • Avoiding derailment. 
  • Past performance is not a great predictor of potential.

How we can help

We have a range of assessment and consultancy solutions which can offer unique insight into identifying and developing the right talent for effective succession planning in your organisation.

Identify what high performance looks like in your business

Our High Performance Profiling studies help you understand what differentiates high performers from ‘the rest’, and what differentiates high potentials from those who will just be ‘good enough’. This insight can be applied to managing internal talent and identifying high potential individuals within your organisation for succession planning purposes.

Flexible personality assessment

Incorporating role match profiling, our Dimensions online personality questionnaire enables organisations to select the most important behaviours for a role and map an individual’s results against this profile.

We also have a range of Dimensions reports which can help inform the succession planning process. These include:

  • Potential Report - this report outlines the individual’s profile in relation to the eleven components of our Model of Potential. This can be used to help identify an individual’s strengths and development needs in relation to future roles.
  • Development Profile - this profile can be used in developing the performance and potential of an individual. It provides an in-depth view of the individual’s typical behaviour against the 45 indicator measures of Dimensions.
  • Derailment Report - this report looks at the eight styles or patterns of personality, known as ‘derailers’, which in some cases could lead to burn-out or to a person of high potential becoming derailed. The report outlines the typical risks associated with each of the styles as well as the typical strengths, and also the possible career limiters relating to an absence of the pattern in question.

Support the development needs of your potential successors

  • Using a combination of ability tests, assessments of motivation and personality, and an in-depth interview with an experienced consultant, our Leadership Assessment will help you derive a holistic picture of an individual’s leadership capability and their development needs.
  • We can also create and deliver bespoke development programmes to address specific individual and organisational needs.

Related assessments and services


An online personality questionnaire for assessing key behavioural attributes in relation to work, for use across all sectors, functions and organisational levels


A suite of online adaptive ability tests that measure the ability of your people, for use across all sectors and functions for supervisory, graduate, managerial and professional level jobs


An online 360-degree feedback questionnaire, which helps identify the strengths and development needs of individuals based on the views of themselves, direct reports, managers and peers

Leadership Assessment

We provide valuable and objective insight into your candidates’ motivations, personality and development needs, helping answer your most important leadership questions

Development Programmes

Our development programmes represent bespoke and targeted development solutions for employees at all levels in your organisation

Development Needs Analysis

Our analysis provides useful structure and rigour to the identification of individual and group level development needs

Facilitated Feedback

An effective feedback process represents a quick and accurate method for collecting targeted, behaviour-based feedback for use in development activities

Job Analysis and Competency Development

Build an understanding and common language of performance expectations and help increase stakeholder acceptance as a function of their involvement

High Performance Profiling

We help you understand what differentiates high potentials from those who will just be ‘good enough’, in order to recruit the best more consistently and show return on investment

People Analytics

Our People Analytics services leverage your employee data to help you make more informed people-based decisions and deliver evidence-based insights