What challenges do organisations face when recruiting managers and specialists?

  • 'Getting results through people' means that great managers are core to organisational performance. But research suggests that only 50% of managerial and leadership appointments are actually successful.
  • Matching an individual's managerial style with the needs of your organisation and employees.
  • Identifying the key skills and competencies for the role.
  • Avoiding derailment further down the line.
  • Identifying the key motivators that drive individual managers and professionals.

How we can help

We can provide valuable insight at the recruitment stage to help ensure you get the right managers and specialists for your organisation.

Identify what high performance looks like in your business

Our High Performance Profiling studies help you understand what differentiates high performers from ‘the rest’, and what differentiates high potentials from those who will just be ‘good enough’. Armed with this insight, you can fine-tune your recruitment practices, from attraction and sourcing through to selection methods.

Flexible personality assessment

Using our Dimensions online personality questionnaire, we can help identify the managerial style and competency strengths of your applicants: 

  • Are you looking for someone who is transformational or transactional? A leader or a manager? A coach or an instructor? Someone who controls or delegates?
  • How do they stack up in terms of leadership, problem solving, analysis, creativity, team working, presenting, interpersonal skills, motivational skills, strategic thinking?

The built-in role match profile functionality also enables organisations to select the most important behaviours for a role and map an individual’s results against this profile in order to identify best fit.

We also have a range of Dimensions reports which can help inform the ongoing management and development of your managers and specialists. These include:

  • Potential Report - this report outlines the individual’s profile in relation to the eleven components of our Model of Potential. This can be used to help identify an individual’s strengths and development needs and provide insight into their longer term possible value to the organisation in other roles as business leaders or specialists.
  • Derailment Report - this report looks at the eight styles or patterns of personality, known as ‘derailers’, which in some cases could lead to burn-out or to a person of high potential becoming derailed. The report outlines the typical risks associated with each of the styles as well as the typical strengths, and also the possible career limiters relating to an absence of the pattern in question. Whilst recruitment decisions should not be based on the derailment report, it can help you understand the risks for your appointments and identify actions to help mitigate these risks.

Innovative ability tests

Our Elements range of online adaptive ability tests utilises technology to its best advantage. The difficulty of each question is based on the individual’s previous responses. This ensures the questions they see are at the optimum level of challenge for the individual, enabling them to demonstrate their true ability. The adaptive nature of these tests, combined with a high performing norm group, gives more differentiation for top performers.

Assessment centres

Assessment centres deliver a truly holistic picture of an applicant, through the use of multiple assessment techniques and multiple assessors. Offering objectivity and rigour, they provide deep insights into an individual’s competencies, abilities, personality and motivation. This enables organisations to make more informed decisions on whether individuals have the ability and competence to perform the job effectively and where their development needs may lie.

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