Creating a team of individuals who possess the right mix of job capabilities and motivations to perform is the goal for all organisations. But, whilst many organisations may strive to motivate their employees, their efforts can often be wasted if they don’t focus on the individual.

What challenges do you face?

  • Holding on to your top talent: your top employees are the most valuable asset to your organisation, but unless they are engaged and motivated in their work, their performance will suffer and ultimately they will leave - most likely walking into the hands of a competitor!
  • Empowering line managers to engage employees: line managers can have the biggest impact on an individual’s engagement, yet they often don’t have the knowledge or understanding to help them address engagement within their teams.
  • Getting a return on engagement initiatives: many organisations undertake time-consuming and costly initiatives, such as annual staff surveys, which are aimed at addressing engagement at an organisational level. But often these initiatives overlook the needs of individual employees and show little return on investment.
  • Recruiting people who fit the culture and values of the organisation: assessing candidates’ personality, ability and experience is no longer enough. Each organisation has its own culture and values and to get the best out of employees there must be alignment between the values of the individual and the organisation.
  • Knowing what motivates and engages employees on an individual basis: as the talent management world moves towards big data, averages and standardisation, there is a risk that we forget that an organisation is made up of individuals with different needs and motivations.

To address individual engagement and realise the full potential of all employees, you need to understand what motivates each person. Only then can you create the perfect match between an individual’s drives and motivation, the job and the environment in which they operate.

How can we help?

We understand that engagement is personal and have therefore designed a solution that allows you to address engagement at an individual level, in a robust yet user-friendly and accessible way.

Drives is an online questionnaire that focuses on an individual’s values and motivations in the workplace. Its purpose is to measure the factors that help stimulate and energise people in their daily working lives. Once you understand what motivates your employees, you will know how to keep them enthusiastic, driven and effective. Drives can help create a positive culture within your organisation, help you get people engaged and reduce employee turnover.

Drives can help you to:

Measure individual motivation

Drives measures 16 key factors known to be associated with workplace motivation. Traditionally, organisations have used extrinsic motivators, such as compensation and monetary rewards, to engage their employees and drive performance. Yet such extrinsic rewards have been shown to be ineffective in motivating professional employees. According to our research, individuals are motivated to work by a range of factors – such as mastering a skill or ability, working in a fun and stimulating environment, or providing great service to customers.

We can help organisations to understand what really motivates an individual and provide plans to create an environment that meets these needs.

Recruit for ‘engageability’

Recruiting people into your organisation whose values are aligned with the organisation’s values will help increase engagement and productivity, and reduce employee turnover. We call this ‘engageability’.

Designed specifically for use in recruitment to help you identify the engagability of potential employees, the Drives Assessment Report provides you with insight into the values and motivations of candidates and the types of environments that they will thrive in.

Put line managers at the centre of engagement

Line managers should be central to any engagement initiative as they have the biggest impact on the engagement of their individual team members. We believe that organisations need to provide line managers with knowledge about engagement and why it is important, as well as equip them with the skills to be able to increase engagement in their team.

Our Drives Management Report has been designed with line managers in mind and offers practical guidance on how to actively motivate individuals in your team.

Retain your talent and increase performance

Understanding what motivates your employees and taking action to increase individual engagement allows organisations to increase individual performance, increase revenue and dramatically reduce employee turnover.

Our Drives Coaching Report provides an in-depth breakdown of an individual’s motivations and can be used by line managers and coaches to help an individual gain a more detailed insight into their personal drives as part of their wider career development.

In addition, the free Candidate Report allows individuals to gain personal insight into their own drives and motivations at work.

Measure your organisation's values with a bespoke solution

We believe that an organisation’s own values should be incorporated into their engagement initiative. Drives can be tailored to the values model of your organisation, to provide you with a customised report that measures your values, in your language and with your branding.

Join the Engagement Revolution today and help drive individual engagement in your organisation.

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An online questionnaire that focuses on an individual’s values and motivations at work, for use across all sectors, functions and organisational levels

Drives Masterclass

This workshop will equip practitioners with the knowledge to use and apply Drives, our motivation assessment, and its related reports across the talent lifecycle