Graduates represent the future for most organisations. Yet with high volumes of applicants, all offering similar qualifications and vying for the same roles, graduate recruitment can be the most daunting activity for recruiters.

We’re here to help you identify 'the best from the rest', using efficient, predictive and candidate-friendly assessments. We will help you streamline your recruitment process and focus on the right graduates for your organisation, whilst also providing a positive experience for all applicants.

What challenges do you face?

  • Designing an engaging recruitment process, which re-affirms your employer brand and makes your organisation stand out from the competition.
  • Attracting the best applicants, in order to select the right talent for your business.
  • Delivering a positive applicant experience, which promotes the ongoing engagement of future employees and encourages lifelong customers, even amongst unsuccessful graduates.
  • Identifying the best graduates from a large volume of applications, in a timely and cost-efficient manner, to ensure you snap up the top talent before your competitors.
  • Making more objective screening decisions early on in the recruitment process, to ensure fairness and equality, and quickly sift out unsuitable applicants.
  • Matching people to the job and the organisation, to ensure expectations are met and candidate/organisation goals are aligned, leading to more engaged graduates and greater employee retention.

How we can help

Attract the best graduates and build your employer brand

Graduate attraction campaigns start well in advance of candidates hitting the ‘apply’ button. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate what it’s like working at your organisation and encourage browsing graduates to apply, whilst politely deterring those who might not be a good fit.

Our research shows that 84% of graduates cited having 'good insight into the role' as the most important factor when applying to an organisation.

Using Realistic Preview, we work with you to design a realistic job preview (RJP) – a behind-the-scenes look at what it's really like to work at your company. RJPs provide graduates with an indication of their likely fit with the organisation and the role before they even start the recruitment process. They are designed to give applicants a positive and engaging experience, irrespective of whether they decide to proceed with their application.

Create an efficient process for recruiters and graduates

Key challenges for graduate recruiters are to quickly and efficiently sift out unsuitable applicants early on, in order to identify the best and make prompt offers to secure the top talent before competitors.

Our graduate recruitment research shows that 67% of graduates apply to 10 organisations and 14% apply to more than 21. 42% say that a long application process would put them off the organisation.

To make this happen, we help our clients to create a recruitment process that deploys the most effective assessment methods at the optimal point in the process. We work with a range of applicant tracking systems to ensure a manageable process is created for all. We also use secure assessments that can be completed remotely at low cost to the organisation, allowing you to sift out unsuitable applicants in a cost-effective way.

Get the right mix of assessments

Graduate recruiters often face a huge challenge in simply determining which assessments will help them to identify the graduates who are going to be the best fit. Faced with a range of assessments, practical considerations and diverse opinions, this can be a daunting task.

We believe that you need a mix of assessments in order to select the graduates that are right for you:

  • Ability tests: our Elements range of online adaptive ability tests uses technology to its best advantage to create a short, challenging and user-friendly assessment experience. The adaptive nature of the tests enables us to really differentiate between high performing graduates, allowing you to make the best decisions. Find out how we’ve helped other graduate recruiters differentiate between high calibre graduates.
  • Situational judgement tests: Judgement is our next generation of situational judgement tests which provide a fast, robust and engaging way to screen high volumes of applicants. Our SJTs are designed to measure a variety of factors required to be successful in a particular role (or set of roles) within your organisation. They are widely accepted in the market as very robust and valid assessments due their close match to the hiring organisation’s culture and role requirements.
  • Personality assessment: to help you identify graduates with the appropriate competencies to perform the job in the way you want, we recommend using our Dimensions online personality questionnaire. Dimensions also provides customisation options to accommodate your specific recruitment needs, including role match profiling and competency framework mapping.
  • Values and motivation assessment: understanding what motivates an individual at work is often the missing piece of the jigsaw in graduate recruitment. Our Drives self-report motivation questionnaire measures the alignment between an individual’s values and motivation and those of the organisation, allowing you to identify graduates who will fit into your culture, engage with the organisation and stay longer.

We have a template of what ‘good’ looks like and we use this benchmark as a sifting tool. This takes a huge number of unsuitable applicants out of the process.

Sharon Ashcroft at Ford Retail

Keep the candidate at the centre of the process

With the increased use of social media, it has never been easier for candidates to share their bad recruitment experience with others and do serious damage to your brand. Indeed, 70% of graduates claim that other people’s bad experiences with an organisation would put them off applying to that company for a job.

Not only do your graduate applicants want to work for your organisation, they may also buy your products and services as lifelong customers. As such, it’s vital that all graduates have a great experience of your company throughout the recruitment process, whether they’re successful or not.

We work with you to design a candidate-friendly process, using short assessments with clear relevance to the role in question - this means minimal time requirements for the candidate but maximum output for the recruiter.

We can customise our assessments to represent your brand and your language. And there is no charge for candidate reports, which means that all candidates can be given feedback, showing that the organisation values their time and interest in the organisation. These reports can be automatically sent to the individuals following completion of an assessment to reduce any additional burden on the recruiting team.

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