Re-writing the selection rulebook

Case study 13/11/2017

Transforming leadership assessment at the City of Edinburgh Council

Assessing for legal success

Case study 16/06/2017

How transforming its assessment processes has helped the international law firm Simmons & Simmons to spot high-quality graduates

Making recruitment run smoothly for job hunters and recruiters

Case study 13/04/2017

We have been working with PageUp to deliver a fully automated talent management system to Peabody, a London-based housing association

There's a lot of talk of talent management

Article 08/12/2016

But how can you successfully manage your talent with high HR staff turnover?

Cashing in on Christmas

Article 05/10/2016

The festive season can be stressful for consumers and retailers alike, but how can the right seasonal staff help you avoid a Christmas nightmare?

Getting graduate recruitment right

Article 05/08/2016

Following the release of new research, we discuss the simple steps to create a winning early talent formula

Developing teams using Dimensions

Article 29/07/2016

Exclusively for practitioners, our on-demand webinar will focus on how and why to develop high performing teams

The hidden talent

Article 21/07/2016

Finding the right talent externally can be difficult, time consuming and costly. Our article explores how organisations are increasingly looking internally to identify those with high potential

Helping graduates to perform at Adelphi Group

Case study 15/07/2016

Adelphi Group is using the Dimensions personality questionnaire to help its graduates better understand how they can improve their performance at work

Developing women leaders with the RCSI

Case study 22/06/2016

The RCSI is using Dimensions to enhance the skills and confidence of women in a new leadership programme

How to develop your early talent to become future leaders

Article 22/04/2016

Watch the on demand version of our recent webinar, as we explore the winning formula for identifying and developing early talent in today's fast paced world.

'Delivering global assessments' webinar

Article 27/11/2015

In our webinar, we explore the fear, the reality and the practical steps needed for multinational companies to deliver selection processes

Helping line managers to recruit more objectively

Case study 20/11/2015

Skanska UK are using psychometric assessments to help make better and more informed recruitment decisions

How to create an engaging candidate experience

White paper 18/11/2015

Following our recent candidate experience webinar, read the full thought paper from the HR Grapevine

Are the costs of going without too high?

Article 08/10/2015

Following a Personnel Today survey, we explore the real cost of untrained staff administering psychometric assessments

Recruiting global candidates with ICL

Case study 10/08/2015

ICL are working with Talent Q, now part of Korn Ferry Hay Group to implement a consistent and objective recruitment process for specialist senior postitions

Global assessment: Achieving scale and managing risk

Article 27/07/2015

We explore and answer the HR challenges that multinational organisations face when assessing new staff around the world

'Why you should use psychometric assessments'

Article 11/05/2015

'Why you should use psychometric assessment" webinar recording - 11 May 2015

Why attracting graduates isn't the's keeping them!

Article 30/04/2015

In our latest article, we discuss the importance of giving graduate candidates an insight into the reality of the role and your organisation

Developing talented people at npower

Case study 27/04/2015

npower has launched a bespoke development programme, which identifies and develops middle managers who have the potential to step up to senior leadership roles

Consistently identifying top graduates

Case study 13/03/2015

Balfour Beatty has introduced a more robust, engaging and consistent assessment process to help identify and recruit the best graduates

Identifying and developing future leaders

Case study 10/11/2014

UK Power Networks has implemented a new assessment-based development programme to objectively identify and develop their future leaders

The real cost of rejecting job applicants

Article 24/09/2014

One of the hidden challenges of retail recruitment is rejecting applicants who could be existing or future customers - but there’s a positive way to do this which benefits everyone

Don't let the wrong staff ruin your Christmas

Article 12/09/2014

As retail companies turn their attention to recruiting staff for the holiday season, find out why it's important for your business to make sure you're hiring the right people

Improving effectiveness

Case study 05/08/2014

Deloitte Ireland has introduced a new online motivation questionnaire to help improve the development, engagement and effectiveness of its HR team

The new HR challenge: retaining talent in a recovering job market

Article 05/08/2014

With job market conditions improving, HR teams must now focus attention on protecting their organisations from an impending talent exodus

Why you should use psychometric assessment

Guide 30/07/2014

This guide tells you why we think you should use psychometric assessments, and how you’ll be able to demonstrate their utility to those who hold the budgets

How to choose the best psychometric assessment

Guide 27/07/2014

In this guide, we’ll cut through the psychometric jargon and give you practical advice and guidance on what to look for in a reputable assessment

Improving the recruitment of customer service stars

Case study 03/07/2014

B&Q has introduced innovative new situational judgement tests into their volume recruitment process

How to increase employee engagement - a guide for recruitment managers

Guide 01/07/2014

This guide provides insight into how Recruitment Managers can recruit for engageability resulting in motivated employees and a strong talent pipeline

How to increase employee engagement - a guide for line managers

Guide 13/06/2014

This guide provides insight into how line managers can make a significant contribution to employee engagement meaning increased team performance and improved customer care

World Cup 2014...sun, sand (soccer) and psychology

Article 10/06/2014

What can the World Cup teach us about personality and performing under pressure? Lucy Beaumont explains all and makes three predictions for the tournament

Leadership remains a hot topic - but why is it even on the agenda?

Article 23/05/2014

Organisations are alive to the need to identify, nurture and develop their future leaders, but with such high stakes, are we always getting it right?

The graduate recruiter equation: passion + persistence = possibility

Article 21/05/2014

As graduate recruiters prepare for the recruitment season, we take a look at the challenges ahead and put the spotlight on passion as a key differentiator in selecting the best

Mistaking over-confidence for great leadership

Research 15/05/2014

Presented at the 2014 SIOP Annual Conference, this paper looks at derailment archetypes and examines leadership derailment from a person-centric perspective

How to increase employee engagement - a guide for HR directors

Guide 29/04/2014

This guide provides insight into how HR directors can readdress their engagement initiatives in order to achieve revenue and business growth through engaging individuals

Identifying the secret of sales success

Case study 28/04/2014

TrustFord has redefined what makes a good sales executive after analysing the personality traits and abilities of its top salespeople

Was replacing Sir Alex Ferguson mission impossible?

Article 24/04/2014

In a world frequently described as having severe leadership talent shortages, will the apparent accelerating trend of leadership failure continue?

Assessing emerging talent at JT

Case study 01/04/2014

JT has run a bespoke assessment process to identify and develop talented employees across the business

Putting the 'I' into engagement

Research 24/03/2014

Our latest research reveals that organisations are missing a trick when it comes to motivating employees and retaining staff

Ghost turnover is about to start haunting

Article 11/03/2014

In this article, we highlight our top tips for employers wanting to retain their top talent and prevent ghost turnover from haunting their organisation

Revolutionise your employee engagement

Video 11/03/2014

Watch our video animation to find out how we can help you revolutionise employee engagement in your organisation

Through the company keyhole

Article 15/01/2014

Realistic job previews are becoming increasingly popular as a way of helping reduce unwanted applications and turnover, whilst also giving a positive candidate experience

What about me?

Article 09/01/2014

We are all different – there is no single trick to engage or motivate us all - so the real answer to improving employee engagement is to address it at an individual level

Don't wind up the graduates that are right for you

Article 05/12/2013

Online dating provides an interesting analogy for graduate recruitment - the person has a range of options in front of them, but they don’t necessarily use the right criteria to make their choice

Engagement is your greatest defence in the war for talent

Article 27/11/2013

There is mounting evidence that as the world emerges from the economic crisis, organisations will see their staff turnover rates soar

Through the eyes of a graduate

Research 07/11/2013

What do graduates think of the recruitment process? What do they want from employers? What puts them off from applying to an organisation?

Hotel industry insight: keep the ‘wrong staff’ away from your customers

Article 05/11/2013

Sean Howard, Managing Director, International, claims hoteliers must be vigilant in recruiting the right people...but some are not

Contact centres: tackle attrition in two steps

Article 05/11/2013

Fix your recruitment and you’ll fix the problem of attrition, says Steve O’Dell, Managing Director, UK

Transforming recruitment at VSO

Case study 18/10/2013

VSO have introduced a new situational judgement test to support their assessment of high volumes of applications from around the world

The vicious circle of volume recruitment

Research 18/09/2013

Caught in a vicious circle, recruiters dealing with high volumes of applications are hiring the wrong people in a desperate bid to fill their frontline roles

Volume recruitment - how to make it easy for hiring managers

Article 12/08/2013

Chasing efficiency and consistency when recruiting large numbers of frontline staff - how exactly do you get volume recruitment right?

Global bank uses innovative assessment to identify talent

Case study 02/08/2013

Three years ago a high profile global bank approached us to discuss how we could help identify the best applicants for their graduate recruitment programme

Recruitment - beware the rejects' revenge

Article 25/07/2013

Have you ever applied for a job and been rejected? If so, how did it make you feel? The truth is that it all depends on how the rejection was handled

Volume recruitment solutions

Video 12/07/2013

Watch our video animation to find out how we can help you deliver cost-effective and intelligent assessment to find the right people for your organisation

Finding needles in the haystack

White paper 26/06/2013

How to benefit your business by screening out unsuitable candidates and focusing your selection process on the right people

Fairness in online testing

Guide 25/06/2013

These guidelines are intended to help you ensure that assessments are used in a fair and ethical way in your organisation

Testing people with disabilities

Guide 25/06/2013

These guidelines are intended to support you in ensuring that applicants with disabilities are treated fairly as part of your assessment process

2:1 or not 2:1, that is the question

Article 21/06/2013

Will a studious, diligent person with a 2:1 degree perform better in the workplace than someone who partied more at university and gained a 2:2?

Assessment and the law

Guide 20/06/2013

These guidelines are intended to help you understand what your legal obligations are as a user of psychometric tests

Top tips - finding needles in the haystack

Article 17/06/2013

Top tips to help you quickly and cost effectively screen out unsuitable candidates and focus your selection process on the right people

Online test security

Guide 13/06/2013

These guidelines provide an overview of the key challenges around test security and offer a series of solutions that can be put in place by test publishers and test users to address them

Be careful what you wish for

Article 17/05/2013

You can have ‘too much of a good thing’ when it comes to personality traits – a fact that often gets lost in the excitement of selecting the strongest candidate

Assessing candidates on future potential

Case study 21/03/2013

AQA makes more informed selection decisions based on each candidate’s potential, not just their expertise

Candidate care in graduate recruitment

Article 20/03/2013

Alarmingly different standards of candidate care exist in graduate recruitment - here we offer seven tips for implementing best practice

Enhancing volume recruitment

Case study 06/02/2013

Royal Mail Group has reengineered its operational recruitment process to improve the way it selects candidates for its key sorting and delivery roles

Banking on talent

White paper 01/11/2012

We review the status of talent management in the financial services industry, examining the environmental and cultural challenges faced by professionals in this sector

Up-skilling the recruitment function

Case study 12/10/2012

Lloyds Banking Group has run a bespoke development programme to improve the effectiveness of its recruitment team

A new entrepreneurial role for HR

Article 01/10/2012

This article explores the challenges faced by HR practitioners in becoming ‘part of’ the business and looks at what it means to be an HR entrepreneur

Achieving top-down cultural change

Case study 20/08/2012

JT has adopted an assessment-focused approach to embed the leadership skills needed to deliver its global strategy

Assessing executive development

Article 01/07/2012

Learning and Development teams often struggle to develop senior leaders effectively – Richard MacKinnon advocates an assessment-focused approach

How good is your recruitment process?

Article 01/05/2012

As graduate recruitment continues to be in the spotlight, here’s a checklist to help you assess the effectiveness of your process

Assessing star talent

Case study 01/04/2012

London Ambulance Service is using a custom-built assessment process to select candidates for its prestigious two-year talent management programme

Too much of a good thing

Article 01/02/2012

We talk about leadership a lot when discussing derailment because their performance affects more people, but there’s something for many of us to look out for

An evidence-based approach to developing HR strategy

White paper 31/05/2011

This case study briefly outlines the approach taken to developing an evidence-based, metric-driven approach to formulating HR strategy within the Royal Mail

Talent Management Survey 2010/11

Research 31/12/2010

This survey includes the priorities and challenges for HR in the year ahead, self-evaluation of talent management strategy as well as the use and deployment of objective assessment

What lies beneath?

White paper 01/11/2010

This paper explores the organisational gains to be made by the early identification and development of potential

Talent Management Survey 2009/10

Research 28/02/2010

The responses from over 200 senior HR practitioners were gathered looking at how organisations were gearing up for the economic recovery and the key talent management challenges for the year ahead

Managing change through discovering talent

Case study 01/02/2010

Helping PartyGaming to develop their talent management strategy, for existing staff and new hires, with assessment at its core

Commercial function restructuring

Case study 01/02/2010

Royal Mail Group have adopted a valid and robust assessment process to help them get the best people in the right jobs

MBA recruitment programmes delivered

Case study 01/02/2010

We provided online personality and intelligence assessments linked to the competencies required for Royal Mail's MBA roles

Advanced leadership programme

Case study 01/02/2010

This advanced programme was designed to develop the leadership skills of 50 middle managers at Lambeth Council

Personality and leadership derailment

White paper 01/02/2010

This article explores how the personality of an individual plays a key role in determining someone’s likelihood of derailment

Talent Management Survey 2009

Research 31/12/2009

This survey explored the impact of the recession on talent management practices and the extent to which organisations measure and focus on the business impact and return of talent initiatives

Measuring the ROI of talent assessment

White paper 01/01/2009

This guide has been designed to introduce organisations to the concepts and issues associated with assessing the ROI of talent assessment

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