About MultiView

Key features

  • Measures: 360-degree feedback of an employee’s behaviours and skills
  • Suitable for: personal and team development
  • Average completion time: self – 25 minutes, raters – 15 minutes
  • Languages available: 16

MultiView is our online 360-degree feedback system. It enables you to identify the strengths and development needs of individuals based on the views of themselves, their direct reports, their manager and their peers.

It is designed to support individual development, coaching, teambuilding and training needs analysis, and can be used across all sectors and functions and at different levels within an organisation.

MultiView is underpinned by a library of competencies. After profiling a specific role and identifying the required competencies, you can create a feedback questionnaire containing only the relevant competencies.

Using MultiView

MultiView can be used across all sectors and functions and at different levels within an organisation.

We know how important it is to maximise the value from your investment in people development. MultiView is specifically designed for use in the following contexts:

  • To pinpoint areas for development: MultiView provides a 360-degree perspective of performance. The easy to interpret report enables you to identify consistencies and differences across the ratings and accurately determine the strengths and areas for development.
  • To target performance management activities: The capability gaps highlighted in the MultiView report can be used to target performance improvement more effectively.


  • Fast: MultiView takes approximately 15-25 minutes to complete - less than half the completion time of other 360-degree feedback questionnaires.
  • Customisable: you are able to tailor your own 360-degree questionnaire based on the competencies you select as part of the role profiling activity.
  • Comprehensive: the competency framework underpinning MultiView has been developed following a thorough review of current frameworks and consideration of the competencies needed for the future.
  • Pragmatic: we recognise that some raters may have less knowledge of the feedback recipient than others, so a shorter questionnaire is also available – helping to reduce time and improve completion rates.
  • Convenient: delivered online, raters can complete the feedback whenever it suits them.
  • International: MultiView is currently available in a range of languages, making it an ideal choice for organisations conducting global assessment programmes.


MultiView reports are highly graphical, easy to understand and include the following components:

  • Summary competency profile for each rater group
  • Detailed profiles for each rater group
  • Free text comments from raters
  • Highest and lowest scoring competencies
  • Tailored development guide

The report design allows for comparison of individuals across and between rater groups. It illustrates behaviours that are more evident in interaction with certain groups than with others, providing distinction between capability gaps and selective application of skills.

Download a MultiView sample report (PDF)


MultiView is available in 16 languages. Download our language availability factsheet (PDF) for the full list of languages covered. If you can’t see what you want from our published list of languages please contact us to discuss.


Please contact us for details of our flexible, no-nonsense pricing structure for all online assessments.

Their contribution to this project was extremely positive and gave us tangible assessment data to use in shaping individual development programmes. Their support in designing and managing the 360-degree feedback process was invaluable. We look forward to working with them again soon.

Sarah Phillips, Lead Consultant – Basis