Combining the expert knowledge of our psychologists and the power of our technology, customisation allows you to fully embed robust assessment in your business by aligning your brand identity, internal culture, language and behavioural frameworks.

How you can customise our assessments

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Your brand

Customise the online candidate experience and/or reports to embed your brand into the assessment process. This creates a seamless experience for the candidate and increases stakeholder buy-in internally.

Sample customised report - Dimensions (PDF)

Your language

Make it your own by mapping your behavioural frameworks (e.g. competencies, values, etc) onto our assessments for robust and objective measurement. Reports produced ‘in your language’ increase stakeholder engagement and use. They also make them accessible to a wider range of non-specialist users, such as line managers. Reports can also be translated for international consistency.

Your data

Capturing bio-data specific to your own organisation enables group-level analysis of your assessment data to answer questions such as ‘How do our managers in Research compare with those in Marketing?’ Use the data to make comparisons about your talent pool with functional, sector or geographical norm groups.

Your process

Integration carries many benefits; it makes the candidate application process faster and more cost-efficient, often leading to reduced candidate drop out. Candidates experience a seamless hiring process and pre-defined algorithms allow the technology to shoulder the administrative load and make objective decisions. We have a proven track record of integrating successfully with some of the leading applicant tracking systems.

Benefits of a customised assessment approach

  • Maximises the value of your behavioural frameworks by aligning it with the assessment process.
  • Reinforces your employer brand to your candidates.
  • Engages your stakeholders in the data as it 'talks your language’.
  • Gains insights about your talent through group level analysis, anchored to your organisational structure.
  • Seamlessly embeds assessments into your existing technology and HR processes.