About Aspects

Key features

  • Measures: personality at work and ability
  • Suitable for: high volume recruitment
  • Average completion time: Styles – 8 minutes, Ability Verbal and Numerical – 10 minutes, Ability Checking – 6 minutes, Judgement – 25 minutes
  • Available in over 20 languages

Aspects is a unique portfolio of assessments specifically designed for frontline volume recruitment.

The Aspects portfolio comprises a range of assessments to measure the fundamental skills and abilities required for frontline customer service, sales and support roles in industries such as retail, hospitality, call centres, transport, emergency services and manufacturing.

The Aspects portfolio comprises:

  • Aspects Styles – an online competency-based screening questionnaire.
  • Aspects Ability – a series of short, engaging adaptive online ability tests for verbal, numerical and checking skills.
  • Aspects Judgement - situational judgement tests assessing key competencies in a series of real-life scenarios, customised to a client's role(s) and organisation. 

Aspects Styles

At the heart of Aspects Styles is a competency-based questionnaire. It is based on a well-researched model of 16 competencies designed to reflect those needed in customer facing roles. We work with you to identify which of the 16 competencies are the best predictors of job success for your role.

Aspects competency framework
Adaptability Influencing and Selling
Commercial Orientation Interpersonal Skills
Complex Thinking Planning and Organising
Creativity Resilience
Customer Orientation Resourcefulness
Decisiveness Stress Tolerance
Drive and Motivation Teamwork
Efficiency and Reliability Working with Data

Aspects Styles is more than just a competency questionnaire as it also produces a dynamically-generated interview guide, enabling the interviewing manager to conduct higher quality and more relevant interviews.

After completing the questionnaire, an overall suitability score is also provided for the candidate giving an indication of their fit for the role. This helps reduce bias and improve consistency within the interview itself.

How it works

The Aspects Styles questionnaire is completed online via our assessment system, and includes a series of statements about behaviour at work. The respondent has to rate each statement, indicating how true the statement is about their behaviour at work, or in other relevant situations.

Aspects Styles sample question Example question - click to enlarge

The statements are grouped into blocks of four. In each block, they are asked to rate each statement on a scale indicating whether the statement is 'completely untrue' to 'very true' of their behaviour. 

Aspects Styles tied response question Tied response - click to enlarge

In each group of statements, the respondent should avoid giving the same rating to more than one statement. If they do give the same rating to several statements they are then asked to put these in rank order.

The Aspects Styles questionnaire normally takes around 8 minutes to complete.

Download an Aspects Styles sample report (PDF) and an Aspects Styles Candidate sample report (PDF)

Aspects Ability

Aspects Ability is an innovative range of online adaptive ability tests measuring verbal, numerical and checking skills designed specifically for use in frontline customer service, sales and support roles. 

Designed with a contemporary feel and providing a candidate experience with high face validity, the ability tests adapt to the candidate’s performance in real time affording a time-efficient but rigorous assessment experience. 

Download an Aspects Ability full sample report (PDF) and an Aspects Ability Candidate sample report (PDF)

Aspects Ability Verbal

Aspects Ability Verbal sample question Verbal question - click to enlarge

The Aspects Ability Verbal test includes 12 questions based on passages of text. The questions are designed to measure a candidate’s ability to interpret verbal information and reach correct conclusions.

There is no overall time limit for the test but there is a time limit for each question: 75 seconds for the first question in each passage and 60 seconds for the remaining questions. The average test completion time is approximately 8 minutes.

Aspects Ability Numerical

Aspects Ability Numerical sample question Numerical question - click to enlarge

The Aspects Ability Numerical test includes 12 questions based on information presented in tables. The questions are designed to measure a candidate’s ability to analyse and draw inferences from numerical information and data.

There is no overall time limit for the test but there is a time limit for each question: 90 seconds for the first question in each table and 75 seconds for the remaining questions. The average test completion time is approximately 10 minutes.

Aspects Ability Checking

Aspects Ability Checking sample question Checking question - click to enlarge

The Aspects Ability Checking test includes 8 different tables of information, each containing five or six rows of data, which must be checked against each other. The tests are designed to measure a candidate's ability to quickly and accurately detect errors in data.

There is no overall time limit for the test but there is a time limit for each question: the time limit per image is 60 seconds for images with 6 rows and 50 seconds for images with 5 rows (giving an average of 10 seconds for each ‘question’). The average test completion time is approximately 6 minutes.

Aspects Judgement

We can work with you to design and deliver situational judgement tests (SJTs) that are customised to reflect the specific scenarios faced, and competencies required, within your role(s) and organisation.

Find out more about our situational judgement tests.

Using Aspects

The Aspects portfolio has been specifically designed to enable flexible, quick, cost-effective and objective assessment of applicants during high volume recruitment situations. It is applicable across all industry sectors, and can be used to help address a number of challenges faced in volume recruitment:

  • High application volume: for organisations receiving high volumes of applications for a particular job/job group, the task of processing and identifying the best (and worst) applicants is time-consuming, costly and erroneous.
  • Handling speed: with large volumes of applications to process, organisations can be slow to make hiring decisions; talented applicants go elsewhere and employer brands get eroded. Using smart technology and assessment in combination, the speed of handling applications can be increased as well as the quality of hiring decisions.
  • Support complex multi-stage hiring processes: organisations with complex, multi-stage hiring processes can use Aspects to reduce their cost-per-hire and streamline the number of steps required to evaluate suitable and unsuitable applicants.
  • Reinforce employer brand: organisations wishing to enhance or maintain their employer brand can deliver a contemporary and objective candidate experience.


There is a range of benefits to using Aspects in volume recruitment:

  • Reduce time to hire: sift out unsuitable candidates early on in the recruitment process, allowing you to focus more quickly on those candidates with the potential to fill your vacancies.
  • Improve quality of hire: evaluate candidates against those competencies which determine success in the role.
  • Improve the candidate experience: designed with a contemporary feel and providing a candidate experience with high face validity.
  • Easy to integrate: Aspects can be integrated with applicant tracking and HR systems, thereby providing a seamless volume recruitment proposition.
  • Objective and fair assessment: Aspects does not discriminate against minority groups.
  • Secure: security is maintained in a variety of ways across the assessments:
    • Aspects Styles: the response mechanism is designed to make it more difficult for the candidate to manage impressions when completing the questionnaire. ‘Filler’ competencies are also used within the questionnaire - these unscored competencies are used to reduce the transparency of the competencies being measured, hence reducing the fakability of the questionnaire.
    • Aspects Ability: the adaptive nature of the tests means that candidates get questions which are unique to their level of ability, reducing the chances that questions and correct answers can be published as no one can ever see the entire bank of questions. Questions are also randomised, reducing the chance that any two candidates will ever experience the same test.
  • Scalable: global reach and cost efficiency are achieved by having candidates complete at a location of their choosing, rather than having to attend costly testing centres.
  • Reporting: detailed reports, including a candidate report which enables the client to give personal feedback to all candidates without the need for a face-to-face session.
  • Customisation: we will work with you to identify which of the 16 Aspects competencies are the best predictors of job success for a specific role and then use these to create the Aspects Styles questionnaire for your candidates.
  • Reinforce employer brand: organisations wishing to enhance or maintain their employer brand can use Aspects to implement a comprehensive and objective candidate experience, including rebranding of reports and candidate interface.


Once candidates have completed Aspects Styles and/or Ability, their results can be viewed in a number of ways:

  • On-screen report: this provides a list of all candidates displaying their suitability score(s) based on which assessments they have completed. The report includes three scores – Total, Ability, Styles – and provides an at-a-glance view of all candidates that enables you to see which candidates have and haven’t scored above the cut-off mark.
  • Microsoft Excel export: the same data can also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. This enables further manipulation of the candidate data and also gives you the opportunity to look in more depth at individual assessment and competency scores.
  • Aspects Report: the following Aspects Ability and Aspects Styles reports can be combined to give one overall Aspects Report, or they can be downloaded separately.
    • Aspects Ability Test Report: the Aspects Ability Test Report provides the percentile scores for each ability test the candidate has completed as well as providing details of how long the candidate took to complete each of the tests. This information is provided to help make objective decisions and can also be used in follow-up interview stages. Download an Aspects Ability full sample report (PDF)
    • Aspects Styles Competency Profile: the Aspects Styles Competency Profile provides a definition of each competency and places the candidate’s competency scores on a 1–5 scale. This offers a more detailed breakdown that can be used to aid decision-making, but also includes the overall suitability score across the selected competencies. This report is particularly valuable when used alongside the dynamic Aspects Styles Interview Guide. Download an Aspects Styles Competency sample report (PDF)
    • Aspects Styles Interview Guide: the Aspects Styles Interview Guide is generated based on the candidate’s competency scores. It takes the candidate’s scores on each competency and draws together a series of interview questions that can be used to elicit further evidence surrounding the key competencies. It allows you to focus in on areas of apparent concern and collect the necessary competency-based evidence to facilitate a selection decision. Download an Aspects Styles Interview sample report (PDF)
  • Aspects Candidate Report: the Aspects Candidate Report has been designed so that it can be given directly to candidates. It informs candidates how well they performed on each of the assessments (Ability and Styles) and provides some general advice on how to approach assessments of this nature. Download an Aspects Candidate sample report (PDF)

Download an Aspects sample report (PDF)


Aspects Styles and Aspects Ability are currently available in over 20 languages; however the range of languages will continue to grow further throughout the year. Download our language availability factsheet (PDF) for the full list of languages covered. If you can’t see what you want from our published list of languages, please contact us to discuss.


Please contact us for details of our flexible, no-nonsense pricing structure for all online assessments.

Customisation options

For Aspects Styles, we will work with you to identify which of the 16 Aspects Styles competencies are the best predictors of job success for a specific role and then use these to create the Aspects questionnaire for your candidates.

Other options for customising your assessments are also available – such as using your brand identity and language in assessment and reports, capturing bio-data specific to your organisation and integrating with your own talent management systems. Find out more about customised assessment options.

Getting started

Aspects Styles

There is no specific training requirement for Aspects Styles. Our customer service team can provide the relevant support materials and take you through the system online.

Aspects Ability

For Aspects Ability, you will need to hold the British Psychological Society (BPS) Test User: Occupational, Ability certification (formerly known as Level A accreditation) or equivalent.

For anyone without this qualification, we provide the Talent Q Accreditation Training course. This course is fully accredited by the BPS, and teaches you all you need to know to implement Aspects Ability within your organisation including administering the tests, analysing and interpreting the results.

Find out more about the Talent Q Accreditation Training course.

Once you place your order (including confirmation that you hold the appropriate qualification), your access to Aspects is immediate. You will receive unique login details to the assessment system by email.

Our customer service team can take you through the system online so you are up and running as soon as you need to be.